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"Paeteng" might show his good performance in the international boxing stadium or called as WBC as fighting with Muai Thai in Japan.

Paeteng Kerttiphonthip has his good opportunity to fight in the next match as well as creating the good name in Japan. Moreover, he might grasp the champion in 122 pounds of WBC for Muai Thai , so on this 5th July 2015 he might fight with Kunitaka after has been faced with Kunitaka for grasping the champion in Lumphinee Muay Thai stadium before. Then, with his severe fist it shouldn't careless for his performance also.

Lately, Robert Clock or the head of Kerttiphonthip boxing camp has won Saksit Sitnamkhabuan with several scores at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. In addition, now Paeteng has received the bonus and has the good chance to grasp the champion in Bantam Weight of 122 pounds of WBC MUAYTHAI in Japan. Similarly, this boxer has grasped the champion in Lumphinee boxing stadium for fighting with Datesakda Sitsongpheenong and Nanyaphon Phetyindee Academy already with his severe fist. Then, at this moment Paeteng has still been practicing himself for fighting on this 2nd July 2015 at Osaka of Japan.
Finally, it might be the bonus of Paeteng to fight in Japan for facing with the boxer named Kunitaka , so they have to prepare themselves without losing the good name in this program surely.

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