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"Jarernthong "praise" Chalam" is good."

"Teachers Pet" Jarernthong Kiatibanchong praise that Chalam Paranchai is reproduce from Oley Kiatiwanway all. He believes Chalam can go further in the future.
Muay Thai
Chalam Paranchai or Chalamakao Kiatichalermpob is on a good form. In the last fight, he can win Chalongchai Kiatjarernchai very good in Pumpanmeoung War at Lumpini Muay Thai stadium. Then, a report was reveal by "Teachers Pet" Jarernthong Kiatibanchong, a former famous Muay Thai champion and open the Muay Thai training camp on Meng Jai with many student, said that he admit in Chalam's capacity and improved a lot. He also give a credit to "Black Pearl of the Andaman" Oley Kiatiwanway, a former companion who help to support and make Chalam became an interest boxer for watching.
"First, we have to give a credit to "Gote Paranchai" who is a good boss and his followers love him all. We also admire Tik (nickname of Oley) who come to help and make the boxer better than the past. This fight with Chalongchai makes me remember because the Muay Thai style was reproduce from Oley Kiatiwanway especially the hook that led to victory. I believe Chalam or other boxer who wear Paranchai shirt can go further because unless we have the great boxer like Oley and Thanuin C.Chuachad Muay Thai Camp come to traning and teach" Teachers Pet said.

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