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"An Introduction to Muay Thai"

Martial art and boxing sports are being liked all over the world not only as sports but also techniques that make people self-confident; especially in the countries where crime against men and women for loot, rape, humiliation, etc. are on peak. There are many places in the world where women do not feel safe, men do not dare to bring cash in their pocket, and even men fear to go out with their women, just because they cannot defeat a group of attackers.

Muay Thai is a solution for people who are scared of sudden attackers, in fact beasts is the best term for such heartless people. Like martial art, Muay Thai is being practised as a National sport of Thailand and is also a part of Olympic. But, its implementation is much different than martial arts like karate in which you are limited to use body parts.
Muay Thai gives you the flexibility to use eight limbs including head, foot, arms, etc. to beat the opponent. When someone learns this art, he or she is made too hard that if he or she hits a person, then it will be too hard for that person to attack back. It is like hitting an attacker with an iron rod. Yes, Muay Thai makes people that much hard. This art was originated in ancient times and since that time, there was no back movement for this. It is only growing and now loved worldwide. People all over the world, learn this art for several reasons. Self-dependency against crimes against women like rape, snatching, humiliation etc. is one of the most common reasons that make people learn this art. Once mastered in this art, you can fight against 1, 2, 5, 10, or even 20 people at a time and you know rapists are maximum time in drunk condition and in that situation when you hit them they will not be able to stand back. So, learn the art at training camps running in Thailand or by someone who is an expert in this art and is from Thailand. Yes, a person from Thailand can make you learn this art effectively.

 Muay Thai Boxing & MuayThai Camp, Phuket , Thailand  
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